It is a simple recipe. Only the best for you and your guests.

We are very proud of the close links our region has with nature – and this is evidenced in the fact that cuisine on board Aegerisee Schifffahrt boats uses local produce from the Aegerital valley where possible.

Gastronomia Aegerisee can provide wonderful cuisine during your special cruise, pampering you with a real eye for detail. The company is operated by Hotel Restaurant Eierhals and Hotel Restaurant Morgarten.


Gastronomia Aegerisee AG is happy to provide advice over the phone or arrange an appointment to discuss your needs on board our boats.

Drink/appetizers menu suggestions

Gastronomia Aegerisee
Fred and Gaby McCalla-Schürpf
Sattelstrasse 1
6315 Morgarten / Oberägeri

Phone 041 750 12 91 
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